Introducing the Spring 2022 Colorwave Fellows — Cohort 4

70 new fellows added to our community — our largest class yet

Colorwave Spring 2022 Cohort — East
Colorwave Spring 2022 Cohort — West

When we started Colorwave, we knew that America’s racial wealth gap was a daunting problem to tackle and believed that the innovation economy offered one pathway to help solve it.

Over one year and three fellow cohorts later, we have seen some early fruits of our vision as we’ve helped change our community’s wealth trajectory, growing compensation by more than $1.6 million in 2021. To date, more than 130 underrepresented professionals have participated in our flagship fellowship. 100 percent of those surveyed stated they would recommend the program and have highlighted peer-to-peer networking, hearing from industry leaders, and truly accessing networks and opportunities previously unavailable as some of the key factors in their satisfaction. Most importantly, more than 50 program alumni have already transitioned to or been promoted in roles across the innovation economy.

In 2022, our goal is to continue scaling the impact of our community, with our fellows at the heart of what drives our organization. The size of this class represents our direct actions to broaden our reach. While focusing on scaling, we also plan to maintain a high-level of quality and connectedness amongst our community. Thus, for this cohort, we will be running a simultaneous program for the eastern and pacific time zones. The program will be led in coordination with our program leadership team by four alumni: Melissa Diaz (Cohort 3), Sasha Mack (Cohort 3), Symone Mailey (Cohort 3), and Everett Watford (Cohort 3).

We remain hyper-focused on leveraging the innovation economy to help reduce the racial wealth gap. And we believe achieving this goal requires a community-driven solution like Colorwave.

We are excited and honored to welcome this new cohort to the Colorwave family!

Check the video and summary below to see our amazing new fellows!

Video Overview of Spring 2022 Colorwave Fellowship Cohort

Full Overview of Cohort 4

  • Racial Breakdown: Black/African/African-American (57%), Latinx (29%), Multiracial (9%), Asian (4%)
  • Gender Breakdown: Female (63%), Male (27%)
  • Functional Representation: Consulting, Data Analytics, Engineering, Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, and Sales
  • Geographical Representation: East: 53%, West: 21%, Midwest: 11%, South: 11%, International: 3%
  • Companies and Organizations Represented: Accenture, Bank of America, BlackRock, Bloomberg, Citi, Deloitte, EY, Goldman Sachs, Google, JP Morgan Chase, KIPP, Meta, Morgan Stanley, TD Bank, Uber, United States District Court

We are pumped to welcome these new faces to our growing community and look forward to the impact they will have during and beyond our fellowship program!

Thanks to our alumni, partners, and funders for making our work possible. Here’s to another great year!

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Making the innovation economy more equitable and inclusive by providing leaders of color access to the VC-backed startup sector.

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Making the innovation economy more equitable and inclusive by providing leaders of color access to the VC-backed startup sector.

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